“何日君再来” — 邓丽君20周年纪念音乐会将于10月24日、25日隆重举行

现场体验“十亿个掌声”—鄧麗君永恒经典,体验前所未有的艺术享受、缅怀“甜蜜蜜”、“美酒加咖啡”、“小村之恋”的往日情怀。欢迎观看大西雅图地区顶级专题音乐会“何日君再来 – 鄧麗君20周年纪念音乐会”,

To enjoy “The Voice Touching One Billion Hearts” – timeless classics of Teresa Teng on site,  to experience an unprecedented inspirational enjoyment, and to recall past memories with “Your Sweet Smile”, “Wine and Coffee” and “Where Is Home”, welcome to the top thematic concert in the Greater Seattle Area: When will you Come Back? — Teresa Teng 20th Memorial Concert.

西雅图中文电台将携手西雅图歌舞团,鼎力打造大西雅图地区顶级专题音乐会–邓丽君20周年纪念音乐会,特邀邓丽君基金会认定的“小邓丽君”张瀞云主唱,并有台湾歌手王瑞瑜,本地知名歌手王佩、王姝妮,温哥华知名歌手Lisa Zheng等参演,演出日期是10月24日晚上6:30和10月25日下午2:00, 地点在Bellevue的Meydenbauer Theater。

In memorial of Teresa Teng, one of the most popular Chinese pop singers, Chinese Radio Seattle joined by Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances will hold a top thematic concert in the Greater Seattle Area – Teresa Teng 20th Memorial Concert. Claire Chang, a famous singer certified by the Teresa Teng Foundation as the “Little Teresa Teng”, was invited to perform at the concert as the featured singer. Other performers include Taiwanese singer Ruey-Yu Wang, local well-known singers Pei Wang and Shuni Wang, Vancouver famous singer Lisa Zheng, etc. The concert will be held at 6:30 pm on Oct. 24 and 2:00 pm on Oct. 25 in the Meydenbauer Theater in Bellevue.

  • 演出 (Event):“何日君再来” — 邓丽君20周年纪念音乐会 (When will you Come Back? — Teresa Teng 20th Memorial Concert)
  • 日期/时间 (Date/Time): 10/24/2015 6:30PM, 10/25/2015 2:00PM
  • 地点 (Address): Meydenbauer Theater (11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004)
  • 购票电话 (Tickets via Phone):206-619-8698, 206-953-6901, 206-321-9687


网上购票,免费邮寄 (Tickets online, we will send the tickets by mail free of postal charge):

取票点 (Physical ticket selling locations)

  • 丰泽园餐馆 (Seven Star Restaurant, 2885 78th Ave SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040, Tel: 206-230-8665)
  • 新世纪餐馆 (Shanghai Shanghai Restaurant, 989 112th Ave #205, Bellevue, WA 98004, Tel: 425-802-0598)
  • 小台北餐馆 (Little Taipei Restaurant, 2245 140th Ave, Bellevue, WA 98005 , Tel: 425-746-4764)
  • 中文电台一楼大厅 (每晚8:20~8:45,Chinese Radio Seattle lobby, 3650 131st Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, 8:20~8:45pm only , Tel: 206-619-8698)
  • 西北中文学校 (周六上午,Northwest Chinese School,4333 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA 98006, Saturday morning only)
  • 明家私房菜 (Ming China Bistro, 7119 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115 , Tel: 206-588-1363)
  • 朵朵香饺子 (Little Ting’s Dumplings, 14411 Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA 98133 , Tel: 206-363-3866)
  • 中国海景大酒楼 (China Harbor, 2040 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 , Tel: 206-286-1688)
  • 智慧教育 (Blaze Education,2439 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 , Tel: 425-296-7628)
  • 翡翠旅游 (Jade Holiday Travel, 18230 E Valley Hwy, Kent, WA 98032, Tel: 253-236-9588)

广告方案(除了在节目单上刊登,还将在演出前的剧场屏幕上投影,并刊登在中文电台的网站和社交网络平台; All ads will appear on the program brochure, the projected screen inside the theater before each of the two shows, as well as on the official website of Chinese Radio Seattle and its social networks)

  • 封二、封三或者封底彩色广告:$1,200, 获赠10张VIP门票;或者$1,000, 获赠4张VIP门票 (Color ad on inside front cover, inside back cover or back cover: $ 1,200 (with 10 appreciation VIP tickets), or $1,000 (with four appreciation VIP tickets)
  • 节目单内页整页彩色广告:$1,000, 获赠8张VIP门票;或者$800, 获赠2张VIP门票 (Full-page color ad inside the program brochure: $1,000 (with eight appreciation VIP tickets), or $800 (with two appreciation VIP tickets)
  • 节目单内页半页彩色广告:$500, 获赠价值$250门票,或者$400, 获赠2张B类门票 (Half-page color ad inside the program brochure: $500 (with $250-worth appreciation tickets), or $400 (with two appreciation Class B tickets)
  • 节目单内页1/4页广告:$300, 获赠价值$150门票;或者$200, 获赠价值2张A类门票 (Quarter-page ad inside the program brochure: $300 (with $150-worth appreciation tickets), or $200 (with two appreciation Class A tickets)

赞助方案(不登广告,只列入赞助商名单;除了在节目单上列入赞助商,还将在演出前的剧场屏幕上投影,并刊登在中文电台的网站和社交网络平台; Sponsors will be listed as sponsors on the program brochure without specifically allocated ad spaces, sponsors will appear on the projected screen inside the theater before each of the two shows, as well as on the official website of Chinese Radio Seattle and its social networks, besides the program brochure)

  • 白金赞助商:$1,000 (Platinum Sponsor, with four appreciation VIP tickets)
  • 黄金赞助商:$500 (Gold Sponsor, with two appreciation VIP tickets)
  • 白银赞助商:$250 (Silver Sponsor, with two appreciation Class B tickets)
  • 青铜赞助商:$100,或者购票价值$150以上 (Bronze Sponsor, with $100 sponsorship, or purchase of $150+ value of tickets)


Teresa Teng: Teresa Teng is a Chinese pop singer born and raised in Taiwan, a super star who was highly influential and extremely famous in Asia and Chinese communities all over the world. She was so popular in Chinese society during the second half of the 20th Century that she was honored “The Voice Touching One Billion Hearts” because of her widespread and enduring pop songs. Teng had a profound impact on the enlightenment and development of Chinese musical world. She had concerts in many places including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, America and Southeast Asia, and published numerous songs in Chinese, Japanese, English, Cantonese, Taiwanese and Indonesian. Where there are Chinese, there is Teng’s voice. People love her and miss her. Even today, 20 years after her pass away, there are still countless singers to sing Teng’s songs. She is an eternal cultural symbol of Chinese pop music.


Claire Chang: Recognized by the Teresa Teng Foundation as the “Little Teresa Teng”, Claire Chang has been interested in Teng’s songs since her childhood. She began to perform and sing on her own at the age of 18. As a former pop Jazz piano teacher in Chung-Hwa School of Arts, Chang is proficient in Chinese, English, Japanese, Jazz, Latin, and nostalgic songs. Following Teng’s sweet and healing music style, Chang’s performance shows both melodious voice and amiable stage manners. In 2011, she won the first place in the “Hall of Fame: Teresa Teng Singing Contest”, and was honored as the best interpretation singer of Teng. Chang is alike Teng not only in appearance but also in manners. Every time she sings the songs such as “Your Sweet Smile”, the audience are surprised as if Teng reappears.

邓丽君文教基金会认定的“小邓丽君”张瀞云最新视频 (The latest performance of the official Teresa Teng Foundation certified “Little Teresa Teng” — Claire Chang)

西雅图歌舞团2010410日在美国华盛顿州西雅图成立,是一支由专业演员及歌舞爱好者组成的非营利团体,其宗旨是推广和宣扬中国传统文化与民族艺术。歌舞团于201135日隆重推出以广西苗、壮、瑶、纳西、土家族等少数民族为主题的大型歌舞盛会《山歌好比春江水》, 受到现场观众与媒体朋友的一致好评和高度赞扬,自此正式走进大众视野。几年来,西雅图歌舞团不忘初心,秉承弘扬悠久文化艺术,传播精美音乐歌舞的理念,在专业制作团队的精心策划与全体团员的共同努力下,陆续推出邓丽君经典金曲晚会《漫步人生路》、歌剧《刘三姐》、民俗歌舞晚会《梦江南》、以及大型歌舞晚会《穿越时空的歌声》、《走向梦土》等一系列高水准演出,均取得热烈反响。2015年10月24日、25日,西雅图歌舞团又将携手西雅图中文电台,举办邓丽君20周年纪念音乐会《何日君再来》,共同打造又一艺术盛事。

Founded on April 10th, 2010 in Seattle, Washington, Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances is a non-profit organization comprised of professional and amateur artists, whose mission is to promote Chinese culture and arts overseas. The organization held its first performance “Natural Beauty Songs as Beautiful as Nature Itself” on March 5th, 2011, which was a thematic show of Chinese ethnic minorities that highly praised by the audience and the media. For the past several years, Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances has always been adhering to its philosophy of “carrying forward traditional culture and art, disseminating fascinating music and dance”. With the elaborated planning of a professional production team and the joint efforts of all members, the organization held a series of high-level performances including the party of Teresa Teng’s classic songs “Walking Down the Road of Life”, the opera “Sister Liu Sanjie”, the folk dancing party “Impressions of Jiangnan”, as well as grand music and dance shows “The Songs Traveling Through Time and Space” and “Impressions of the Western China”, all of which achieved significant repercussions. In memorial of Teresa Teng, Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances joined Chinese Radio Seattle to hold the Teresa Teng 20th Memorial Concert “When will you come back” on Oct. 24th and Oct. 25th, 2015, hoping to produce another successful artistic event.

西雅图歌舞团最新演出视频 (The latest performance of Seattle Ensemble of Songs and Dances)


Chinese Radio Seattle (CRS) founded in May 2012 and aired since June 25, 2012, is the first Chinese radio in the Washington state since there were Chinese in the state in history. CRS has over 150,000 listeners, and it aims to be the best Chinese radio to serve 70 million overseas Chinese around the world. Besides the regular 24 hours original radio programs every weeks, CRS also hosts cultural exchange activities that promote the relations among mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and USA: for example, the CRS Spring Festival Gala every year is one of the three major Spring Festival Galas in the region, and the annual CRS anniversary ceremony is an important event in the Chinese community. While most of the CRS programs are life and service oriented, CRS reports Chinese related events in America, including President Xi’s state visit to the USA, American Book Expo in New York, general elections in King County and USA, general elections in Taiwan etc. The CRS programs are very popular among its listeners.

西雅图中文电台历次演出介绍 (视频请访问中文电台YouTube频道, the links of art performance shows hosted by Chinese Radio Seattle)