ReVibe Apparel–将珍贵的记忆贴在心头

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“When I was young, my parents worked overseas. The day I turned 9, my parents sent me an email with an audio clip wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. I cherished this memory and it gave me comfort, but as time went by my emails filled up, I struggled to find it”.

我小的时候,父母都在海外工作。我9岁生日那天,在大洋彼岸的父亲通过电子邮件发给我一个电子生日贺卡。贺卡里面镶嵌了一个音频。在音频中,我的父亲说:“孩子,祝你生日快乐!” 我很珍惜这段记忆。每当我思念父母的时候,我就会听一遍这段音频。虽然只有数秒,它却能让我感受到父母的爱,给我前进的动力。然而,当我的邮箱收到更多的邮件之后,再想找到这段记忆就变得有些困难了。

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