ReVibe Apparel–将珍贵的记忆贴在心头

本文由ReVibe Apparel赞助发布。文中观点不代表本台立场。This article is sponsored by ReVibe Apparel. The views and opinions in this article do not represent the position of Chinese Radio Seattle.

“When I was young, my parents worked overseas. The day I turned 9, my parents sent me an email with an audio clip wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. I cherished this memory and it gave me comfort, but as time went by my emails filled up, I struggled to find it”.

我小的时候,父母都在海外工作。我9岁生日那天,在大洋彼岸的父亲通过电子邮件发给我一个电子生日贺卡。贺卡里面镶嵌了一个音频。在音频中,我的父亲说:“孩子,祝你生日快乐!” 我很珍惜这段记忆。每当我思念父母的时候,我就会听一遍这段音频。虽然只有数秒,它却能让我感受到父母的爱,给我前进的动力。然而,当我的邮箱收到更多的邮件之后,再想找到这段记忆就变得有些困难了。

This is a true story from a member at ReVibe Apparel, and many people can relate to this experience.

这是一位 ReVibe Apparel 成员的亲身经历。很多人都可以从这些美好的回忆中找到共鸣。

We are students at the University of Washington taking the Creating a Company class at the Foster School of Business. At ReVibe Apparel, our mission is to revive people’s life experiences through clothing. We produce one of the ONLY scannable custom hoodies in the world! We revive your life experiences and your cherished memories through embedded audio and video files chosen by you!

ReVibe Apparel 是由一群有着创业热情的华盛顿大学学生创立的。ReVibe Apparel的品牌价值是:正能量、怀旧、和社会责任。我们生产的可以通过智能手机扫描并播放音频和视频的帽衫是非常独特的。在服装品牌林立的21世纪,没有几家服装品牌可以做到让顾客和服装互动。通过订购我们的定制版 Waveformer 帽衫,您珍贵的回忆将会再次重现在您的眼前!

Also, at ReVibe Apparel, there’s something here for everyone. We offer season-themed apparel with recorded scannable soundwaves such as our Comfort Bear Hoodies/Pullovers. Our Reviber hoodies radiate comfort and are a great addition to your wardrobe. Furthermore, the weather-resistant ReVibe laptop sleeves can allow you to protect your laptop in style.

其实,在ReVibe Apparel,我们致力于让每一位客户找到自己心仪的产品。我们的Comfort Bear帽衫和套头衫记录了录制好的声音。通过用手机扫描可爱的小熊,您可以听到美好的祝愿。我们的Reviber帽衫记录了我们品牌的故事。它材质优良,是您衣柜中的绝妙补充。此外,我们的ReVibe笔记本电脑保护罩走在时尚的前列,是保护您笔记本电脑的不二选择。

Please visit our website at: Also, please follow us on instagram @revibeappare.official! 

请访问我们的网站。同时也请关注我们的Instagram主页 @revibeapparel.official

Also, please listen to Chinese Radio Seattle’s 55-minute exclusive interview with ReVibe Apparel.

西雅图中文电台于2021年1月对ReVibe Apparel的创始团队进行了独家专访。请收听 ReVibe Apparel的时尚与美食攻略

ReVibe Apparel, revive your life experiences one more time!

ReVibe Apparel,每时每刻,让您美好的回忆再次复苏!

Here is more specific information about our products:



The Waveformer is dedicated to preserving sound in a high quality, versatile sweater. Your audio file will be transformed into a physical visualization as a waveform, which will be embroidered into the design of the piece itself. The sound wave on the hoodie is *Scannable and can be played back using the SoundWave Art Mobile App. Ranging on the spectrum of nostalgic to cozy vibes, it radiates comfort and is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Waveformer 致力于珍存声音与回忆。您上传的音频或视频文件将会被转换成声波图形,然后绣入作品的设计中。这款帽衫上的声波是可扫描的,并可以通过SoundWave Art 手机应用程序进行播放。 




The Reviber is dedicated to embodying ReVibe values of promoting nostalgia, positivity, and social responsibility. Ranging on the spectrum of nostalgic to cozy vibes, it radiates comfort and is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Reviber 致力于体现ReVibe的价值观:怀旧、正能量和社会责任。它优良的质地散发着舒适的感觉,是为衣橱增色的不二选择。




Feel like giving someone a hug? Probably not a good idea to do that right now, but our Comfort Bear Hoodie/Pullover is the next best thing! Featuring a stuffed animal design that is *Scannable using the SoundWave Art Mobile App, this hoodie is both a stuffed animal and cozy hoodie rolled into one!

想给人一个拥抱吗?也许现在这样做不是一个好主意,但是我们的小熊帽衫/套衫是最暖心的选择! 这款帽衫的毛绒动物设计可以通过 SoundWave Art 应用程序进行扫描,它集合了毛绒动物和舒适帽衫于一身!



Protect your laptop in style—get this snug, lightweight laptop sleeve! To prevent any scratch marks, it contains an internal padded zipper and its interior is fully lined with faux fur. What’s more, it’s made from a material that’s resistant to water, oil, and heat, making sure your laptop sleeve looks as sharp as you any day of the week!



ReVibe Apparel is here to preserve your cherished memories and to revive your life experiences. If you like the idea of embedding your memorable life experiences on clothing, please check out our Instagram @revibeapparel.offical and website at If you want to know more about our Start-up, please feel free to email us at:

ReVibe Apparel 的宗旨是保存您的珍贵记忆和复苏您的珍贵记忆。,请在我们的官方网站: 上面订购。同时,也请您关注我们的 Instagram主页:@revibeapparel.official! 


This article is sponsored by ReVibe Apparel. The views and opinions in this article does not represent the position of Chinese Radio Seattle.

本文由ReVibe Apparel赞助发布。文中观点不代表本台立场。


文字编辑及翻译:Sam, Karson

英文文字编辑:Gabriel, Sam, Josh

本文中部分图片及视频来源于 ReVibe Apparel。



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