Janice Zahn 梁浩婷:长期服务社区的华裔社区领袖宣布参选Bellevue市议员

梁浩婷(Janice Zahn)是来自中国香港的移民,她在Bellevue已经居住23年,在西雅图港工作近十年,另外还担任Bellevue交通委员会主席、Bellevue国际学校主席、女童子军领导等社区服务工作,近日Janice宣布参选Bellevue议员。Janice竞选的是市政厅的第五号议席,这是华州参议员Cyrus Habib当选为副州长后,Bellevue的市议员Vandana Slatter被任命填补他的州参议员席位,从而留下Bellevue市议员的空缺。经过Belluve市政厅对八名入围者面试之后,最终Janice被选中,但是仍然需要经过今年11月的大选的正式程序。在初选正式登记之前,这个席位尚没有别人宣布和Janice竞选。


专访Bellevue市政厅议员参选人梁浩婷Janice Zahn  (2017年5月3日,主持:小元,嘉宾:Janice Zahn,翻译:Sean Shi,Joan Zhong)

(左起:Sean Shi、Joan Zhong、Janice Zahn、小元)

小元: 各位西雅图中文电台的听众朋友和观众朋友,今天我们非常荣幸地请到Bellevue市政厅议员参选人Janice Zahn梁浩婷做客我们中文电台。 Janice,您为什么要参选Bellevue的议员?

Janice Zahn: I believe that I have the right experience, with both public agency, as well as experience in the community, to be able to represent the city, make good decisions, use the experience I have both engineer as well as a public administration degree, my 10 years’ management, making sure I bring the integrity, accountability, transparency, making sure that the decisions are made with inclusion, and that all the diverse perspective and voices are heard, and the decisions are the best, and also to be strategic and innovative, so that we are using out of the box thinking, and constantly improving the city, and literally we are treating the money that were entrusted from our citizens. As through every dollar are dollar, and we are going to be fiscal responsible, while we are making sure Bellevue the best city for everybody.


Janice Zahn: Sure, I have been serving the city of Bellevue commission of transportation, I am currently the chair, I am also the legislative chair at the International School of the Bellevue School District, representing the interest of the school district, and make sure our schools are the best they can be for our students. I have also let girl scout troops, , and other community service events for our community, to make the city the best it could be for everyone.


Janice Zahn: I will bring a diverse perspective, both being an immigrant from Hong Kong, a blend both technical and public service experience. I have been in the city now for 23 years. I have lots of diverse experience that I can bring to the city. The work that I do for the port of Seattle is very much about making sure that team work collaboratively across the aisle to get things done, I have lots of regional partners from collaboration, both at port of Seattle, as well as my volunteer work, that I will bring to the city the best it could be.


Janice Zahn: Absolutely, Bellevue is now majority minority , and I believe one of the reasons that someone like me not normally in the city, both of us should be the mentor, role model as well as a servant, help the community, and the Chinese community should have a voice. I also want to make sure the Chinese community understand how to know how to register to vote, and how to become a US citizen, so that their voices are to be heard. Because in order to really advocate to the Chinese community, we need to make sure our voices are heard, both in terms of serving on city councils, boards and commissions, as well as potentially city council members in the future.


Janice Zhang:I would love to have help. I have a website: http://www.janicezahn.org, I also have fb page friends of Janice Zahn, I would love have volunteer, with doorbelling, calling, letting folks know that I am running, voting, as well as donating to my campaign.

(西雅图中文电台报道,感谢Sean Shi和Joan Zhong的翻译)