华盛顿大学中华创新与创业联盟(China Entrepreneur Network)中国商业挑战(China Business Challenge)创业大赛决赛将于4月30日下午1点到4:40在华大Kane Hall 120举行,现在开放观众报名。报名观看本次大赛的观众将有机会现场抽取惊喜大奖哦。奖品包括最新版iphone, ipad, 星巴克Giftcard,以及纪念杯等。




本次CBC, CEN有幸和阿里巴巴及工银美国西雅图业务中心达成合作,并荣幸邀请到微软副总裁出席。汇聚各方英才,只为给你搭建一个成功的平台。作为观众的你,将有充足的时间,零距离接触平日难得一见的各大公司高管以及政府部门负责人。你会发现,这些平日里遇见会让你不禁眼前一亮心跳加速的大公司,大人物,也许当天就坐在你的旁边。



除了平日难得一见的大公司高管,本次大赛我们还邀请到了数量更多的西雅图本地公司CEO, 合伙人做为嘉宾,或担任大赛评委,或进行主题演讲。进一步丰富大赛的深度与广度。同时,这也为作为观众的你们提供绝佳的社交机会。在现代美国职场,高质量社交的重要性恐怕已不需赘述了吧?

说到这里,你以为本次大赛只有创业团队上台pitch吗?Too young!



Note: 由于届时到场人数较多,为保证比赛准时开始,观众Check-in时间为12:30pm-1:00pm。每位在1:00pm前入场的观众都将获得CEN精心准备的红包一只,里面会有贴心小礼品的哦。

地点UW Kane Hall #120


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Homery: Say goodbye to the hussles of finding a new home!

Homeory’s mission is to provide millions of landlords with an easy-to-use and highly automated online property management solution. Our online property management platform isdesigned to fix the above problems, thus save time and effort for landlords.

Furthermore, Homeory will provide multi-platform applications so that landlords will be able to access and manage their properties anytime anywhere with simple clicks.

We share the same mission and goal, believe in what we do and will definitely bring the company to a bright future.


Smart Charger Pro

Smart Charger Pro: Want your battery to stay fresh forever and ever?

Battery degradation is a big problem for electronic devices and it results in shorter battery life. The Smart Charger Pro offers customers three built-in modes: overnight charge, normal charge, and fast charge to allow users more flexibility. As a result, Smart Charger Pro can lead to a longer life per charge while promoting battery health. This has the potential to reduce battery waste and save energy in the long run.

为了解决电子设备电池老化和电池寿命短的问题,Smart Charger Pro 为用户提供了全新节能的一款充电设备。此款充电设备配有三个档位:夜间充电,正常充电,极速充电。该高科技充电设备能延迟电子设备的寿命增强电子设备的实用性。


Goodi:  Check us out before you drop your classes!

Your one-step solution to academic problems

Through our self developed machine learning mechanism “Iknow”, Goodi can study and analysis our users’ past activities and their information inputs, and to provide them with questions that they are most capable of and interested in answering. Goodi is not only a tutoring platform, but also a student based community in which users not only exchange knowledges but also build social network and friendship. Hence, Goodi will be the next generation study assistant for every student.

Goodi 通过以悬赏答题的方式刷新了tutor市场的运作模式。通过电脑分析的一系列过程,学生们的问题受到了全方面的分析并及时地被送到了专业tutor的手里。通过不同的tutor对问题进行分析解答,学生则会选择最为满意的答案支付tutor一笔答题酬报。学生和tutor分别以观众和拍卖员的身份在Goodie的平台上进行交流沟通。付给提供最满意答案tutor最高的价格为tutor群体提供了足够的答题动机。


Decaf Style

Decaf Style:Don’t tell me you don’t drink coffee.

At Decaf Style, we are developing a novel decaffeination method that uses natural clay minerals to selectively extract caffeine out of your cup of coffee. Unlike current decaffeination methods, our technology does not require huge energy consumption nor does it use volatile chemicals. Therefore, it is significantly more

environmentally friendly. Furthermore, because our decaffeination method occurs after the brewing process of the coffee, consumers have more versatility in terms of the choice of coffee, the degree of caffeine reduction, and the type of beverages that they want to decaffeinate, which also includes teas and sodas. Our product will focus on health and environmentally concerned consumers, and we aim to start our market by approaching local, organic restaurants, coffee shops and markets.

在Decaf Style, 我们致力于为顾客提供一杯高质量的脱因咖啡。与市场上的脱咖啡因技术,我们的工厂不需要大量的电能损耗,更加节能环保。更赞的是,因为我们的脱咖啡因环节发生在烘煮之后,顾客可以根据他们自己的喜好选择不同咖啡因含量的脱因咖啡。目前,我们经营的产品除了咖啡还有茶和soda。



中华创新与创业联盟(China Entrepreneur Network)是一个全球大学生合作组织,凝聚着新一代具有时代人文精神和服务社会理想的青年领导力人才。CEN致力于开展社会创新与创业活动,投入新式的知行教育,分享心得与追求,建立全球联谊并实现职业发展。